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Offers to 31/12/2017

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Solar systems

 The STARFIRE for photovoltaic cooperate with the company MALTEZOS SA.

MALTEZOS SA was founded in 1977 with main activity the production and trade of Solar Water Heaters. Today's activities cover the product sectors of Solar Water Heaters, Solar collectors, Vertical tanks and related accessories.

MALTEZOS SA holds a leadership position in the production and trade of Solar Water Heaters in Greece. The company evolved into a leader in the Renewable Energy sector due to its consistent and high quality product range along with its customer-focused approach regarding after sales technical support and service.

 The superiority of the company's products is based on the excellent quality of raw materials and the superb robotic production technology (CNC) supported with the latest quality control measures. The production process has been certified according to ISO 9001 and solar water heaters are certified according to highest European standards (Solar Keymark) by internationally accredited institutions (ICIM, ELOT,DEMOKRITOS).

The company employs a vast network of authorized dealers in Greece and is also developing substantial export activity. The company's international presence is supported by an extensive distribution network with the goal to further strengthen and support its presence in an even increasing global market.

More specifically, the company :
  • Is certified according to  ΕΝ ISO 9001:2008 for the production, design, trade, installation  & technical support of Solar Thermal Systems.
  • MALTEZOS SA collectors have been tested according to standard  ΕΝ 12975 by DEMOKRITOS laboratory and are certified according to  SOLAR KEYMARK from international institutions  ICIM and ΕLΟΤ.
  • MALTEZOS SA  Solar Water Heaters have been tested according to standard ΕΝ 12976 and are certified according to  SOLAR KEYMARK from international institution  ICIM  and are classified with annual energy certification “A” by ΕLΟΤ.