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Fireplaces Palazzetti

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STARFIRE company was founded in 1982 and has extensive expertise in the field of heating with solid fuel use.
Is the exclusive representative and distributor for Greece heating products of foreign firms PALAZZETTI, BIODOM, ECOFABER, DCM.
STARFIRE employs skilled staff and has a nationwide network of selected dealers where you can buy a very large range of products available.


  • Company PALAZZETTI  

Fireplaces, wood & pellet stoves,pellet boilers.

Palazzetti Lelio S.p.A. is one of the leading European and worldwide companies in the wood biomass (wood and pellets) domestic heating field today.
The company was established in 1954 in Porcia (PN) for the manufacturing of cement products for interior furnishings, the industrial processing of marble for flooring and wall covering was added a few years later.

In the first part of the '70s the first Italian production of completely prefabricated fireplaces and barbecues was started, responding to aesthetic and functional requirements, simple to install.
In the following years the production of wood and pellet stoves and fireplaces was started, soon after the production of masonry kitchens.

These are innovative products, developed in compliance with the highest technological standards and in absolute respect for the environment, tested and certified by the most prestigious European Institutes and by associations protecting consumers and the environment.
Palazzetti products have been approved according to strict community regulations on emissions and efficiency, mandatory at the European level since June 2006.


  • Company BIODOM

Wood & pellet boilers

Company BIODOM 27 is focused on the development of biomass boilers with an innovative approach to consumer and technological problems.

We began developing pellet boilers already in 1999, however the serial production and sales took place in 2004. Our starting point was our home market in Slovenia, and in 2006 we successfully expanded our sales to foreign markets. Currently the company exports 80% of their production

Our range of products is based on the production of pellet boilers for central heating, but we expanded it to offer wood-fired boilers as well, which are created by a different approach in the development phase to produce technologically innovative products.

  • Company ECOFABER
Pellet,corn & wood boilers

  • Company DCM 
Biomass boilers
The DCM BOILERS is a company with over thirty years experience working with huge success in the field of heating, producing "Boilers for Biofuels."
The DCM BOILERS to ensure a service and more and more attention to their customers, decided to improve the production of its boilers and make them conform to the most stringent regulations in force and paying attention to the continuous improvement of the product to make it more easily usable.

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